The Most Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs is Heat

Bed Bug Free in Just One Treatment 1 Year Written Guarantee! 100% Bed Bug Free in One Treatment® Experts in Removing Unwanted Pest from Homes, Hotels, Apartments, Schools. Prompt Same Day Service. Book and Save $ 50 Now! Discreet Service. Our Service also include bedbug detection, roaches, ants, wasps, bees, mice and pigeons. We service Calgary, Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray, Lethbridge, Grand Prairie, Red Deer, Brooks and surrounding area.

Heat treatments for bed bugs are 100% Chemical-free No expensive and inconvenient laundry and dry-cleaning bills! Pet related items, children’s toys, and rooms will be safely re mediated. There is no need to discard or remove expensive bedding, furniture, clothing, or electronics. Bed bugs are resistant to most pesticide applications. They are not resistant to HEAT. We use special equipment to heat the entire area to 130 to 150 degrees. We can heat one room, one floor, or the entire home. The entire space gets hot, not just the seams and cracks. The heat penetrates through furniture and walls to kill the bed bugs where they are hiding.

Our treatment is unlike other heat treatments

We use proprietary equipment that allows us to complete the work quickly. The entire treatment is complete between 4 and 8 hours. Ours is the quickest bed bug treatment method. It is also the most effective bed bug treatment available in Alberta. The weather has little to no effect on the performance of our treatment. Some other companies have less efficient equipment that can take 24 hours or longer to do the same job that our system does in 8 hours. Don’t be fooled by imitators that are trying to cash in on the bed bug epidemic or those using inferior and sometimes dangerous equipment. We ONLY use safe Bed Bug heat system, never propane. Your bed bug problem will be eliminated by the time you return.

Guaranteed Results

No additional visits, preparation & vacating periods required. Penetrates deep into furniture, clothing, walls, floors, ceilings and all other areas where bed bugs hide Kills the bed bugs within the problem area/unit, without driving them into neighbouring unit. We also provide a one-year warranty period with most treatments. If you find live bed bugs again during your warranty period, we will provide one-time recommended kind treatment for FREE. Our job is not done until you are bed bug free.

Will My Whole Neighbourhood Know?

Pest Heat Quest understands the stresses of dealing with a bed bug problem especially if it becomes public. When we arrive in your neighbourhood, we always use an unmarked Vehicle & Equipment.

Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Bedbug Heating System

How Bedbug Heating System Works

How We Set UP

Preparation Written List

Preparation Video

Seniors Receive a 10% Discount On All of Our Services


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