Conventional Pesticide Bed Bugs Treatment

It takes more time to kill the bed bugs with this method. When heat is not applied, it can take 30 days or longer to kill all bed bugs. The traditional method for the elimination of bed bugs, conventional pesticide treatments target the insects where they are likely to dwell after bed linens and clothes have been laundered. The baseboards, along with cracks and crevices in the walls are sprayed with an EPA labeled pesticide. This treatment it doesn’t’ kill the bed bugs eggs it only kills nymphs to adult.

How Long Does the Application of the Pesticide Treatment take?

Pesticide spray application is normally finished within one hour. One the pesticide has been applied note that you will have to remain out of your home for six hours so that the pesticide is allowed to dry.
Are small and large infestations both applicable for pesticide treatment?
If Scientific Pest Services applies the pesticide treatment normally both large and small infestations can be eliminated. Our team always recommends that customers consider heat treatment primarily as this is the most immediate and effective method to avoid further bites and bed bug issues.

Can pets or my family be harmed by pesticide treatment?

Pesticide is applied in areas where pets and family members won’t be in direct contact. Side effects should not be caused by the pesticide and it’s application. Pesticide solutions that our team applies are both pet and people friendly.


Pesticide from stores will not kill all of the bedbugs that are in different stages of their maturity. In many cases these types of pesticides cause more problems as they can force bed bugs to spread out into other areas of the home. Readily Pesticide Sprays will cause bed bugs to scatter making eradication more difficult

Is the pesticide you use different than what is purchased at a store or online?

Our team uses commercial grade pesticide that we strongly caution homeowners from not applying themselves. Pesticides, if applied incorrectly, can be dangerous to a homeowner and their family. Additionally, a bed bug infestation can be complicated if applied incorrectly as bed bugs may create resistance to the chemical making it harder to kill them later. Important to note: many commercial grate pesticides sold online are often counterfeit and may not work at all. Commercial grade pesticides should not be purchased online.

Do pesticide treatments have any guarantees?

Our team guarantees all of the work we do when at a home. Both our Heat Treatments and Pesticide Treatments come with a guarantee. We include a 1 year or 18-month warranty with the heat treatment of the entire home. We also include 90 days’ warranty with a pesticide treatment of the entire home

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